Is passion misunderstood?

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The point that is missed in The New York Times article entitled, “Our Push for ‘Passion,’ and Why It Harms Kids”. Lisa Heffernan made an important point in last week’s NYT article about passion: overzealous parents often take the concept way too far, and the search for a passion becomes a high pressure quest for the…

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Working Memory – Why It’s More Important than IQ


We tend to think that the key to doing well in school is being smart, but that’s not really true. Academic success is about more than just being brainy. In fact, studies show us that students who have a more developed working memory are actually better performers in school than those children who have a…

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Your kids’ success begins with one small thing


It was only one small thing. Yet from that one small thing, stemmed entry into a national competition, interviews with dozens of media outlets, TEDx talks, and lots of other benefits. That one small thing seemed completely irrelevant to me; it was just a mundane activity that my classroom had to do, yet four years…

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Yes, they really said that: unbelievable, outrageous, and raw essays from students who got into their dream colleges


It pays to be real when writing college essays. We mothers of college-bound students like to pretend we’re working overtime to get our young scholars into their dream colleges and universities. Sure, there’s a lot of hovering, gentle prodding and oversight to be done so all the deadlines are met. But let’s face it; we are only witnesses…

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Scaffolding Independence

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The truth is that as much as we might want it, it’s not easy for us as parents to let our children become independent.  Here we’ve spent years being the rock that they lean on, and so when the time comes for them to move out and experience the world on their own it naturally…

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Kids Activity: Living Room Poetry Slam

Public speaking

Slam poetry is a free-form poetry that uses poetic devices and tools to tell a story, express a feeling, or convey a message about a specific topic or issue. It’s generally performed at poetry slams, and uses spoken word poetry, which is essentially just poetry that’s performed. Slam poetry can be off the cuff, in…

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Three steps to raising a whole child


I don’t know about you, but I tend to associate the month of January with cutting back: I vow to slow down, promise to rid my life of this, resolve to stop doing that.  Year after year, inevitably I try…and inevitably I come up short.  Yet in this month of curtailing, I instead urge parents…

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Inspiration Through Failure: Elon Musk and SpaceX


AHH the abort button is so close to his hand! Careful, buddy. from l How many times to we fail and then give up? More than anything, failure keeps us from driving forward. But what if we looked at failure in a completely different way? What if instead of being afraid of failing, we…

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The billion dollar reason to make sure your teen’s college is the right fit


TL;DR? This is a post about how Admittedly can help your teen pick the right college. Check em out, sign up for free, and tell ‘em we love ‘em, wouldja? You fantasize and agonize over your child’s first day of school.  Will she be an enthusiastic learner or fade into the background like an academic wallflower?  Will…

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Kids Activity: Make Your Own Snow Globe


There is just something absolutely magical about snow globes. They have this ethereal quality to them that brings joy to anyone who sees one, and can instantly transport you into a little winter wonderland fantasy. And um, it’s almost impossible not to shake one! These snow globes are inexpensive to make, mostly relying on materials…

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