6 outdoor games from our childhoods that are still fun… and free! [+GIVEAWAY]


Can we please all just commit to each other right now that we will turn off our routers, change the wifi password, disengage the 4G LTE force field, shove our kids out the door, and tell them not to come back until it’s dark? When they get all “But… But… excuses!” just give them some ideas from this post.

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Gamers Made Good Profile: Steven Green, Shriek Studios


We asked, they answered. Team Thrively owes a big thanks to our gamer guest blog contributors who shared their gaming upbringing. Steve’s is the second gaming success story in our series.

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Gamers Made Good Profile: Keith Z. Leonard, Sword and Spirit Software, LLC


We asked, they answered. Team Thrively owes a big thanks to our gamer guest blog contributors who shared their gaming upbringing. Keith’s is the first of many gaming success stories team Thrively would like to share.

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Gamers make good (Spoiler alert: Parent involvement is key!)


In an earlier post, Gamify Your Children’s Strengths, we talked about how the gaming community is expanding.  How much?  If you want to think of it in cold cash, gamers spent $93 billion worldwide last year, according to Gartner Research.  Video game consoles bring in roughly half of the revenues, with mobile gaming growing faster…

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Gamify your children’s strengths


Team Thrively is taking on a big topic, gaming, in a series of posts. Starting with Gamify Your Children’s Strengths, we look at how gaming went from solitary boredom buster to a bustling community of not-so-stereotypical participants.

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Try taking up more space, you might feel better

Girl standing in a field of flowers

As an adult living in Seattle, I became friends with women whose values about presentation, gender expression, and identity made me realize how very restricted I had felt growing up. I never knew how small I had allowed myself to be until I observed other women who were unafraid to take up space.

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Kids can follow their bliss armed with more than just hope

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.24.30 PM

…That’s when I met Bradlee, a smaller boy for his age, outgoing, with a bright look in his eye. It turns out Bradlee was not the kid most teachers would jump to have in their class, as he could be overly energetic, rambunctious, even disruptive. He was also fearless and immune to getting into trouble. I learned he was no stranger to the principal’s office. This day though, he was going to win huge high fives from his peers, Ms. Starkey, and even another teacher, who had been across the hall after hours, wrapping up her work in her own room, nothing to do with the culturebooster class.

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This IS the best place for discounted educational products


The actual best place for discounted educational products is behind this door!

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If you aren’t as stoked as these people, you’re doing something wrong


Team Thrively just made a new friend. Stoked.org is exactly what they sound like: super excited to bridge the opportunity gap that affects underserved youth. And they do it all through a trifecta of badass action sports: surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. And that is why I love them. Skiing was a staple sport for me…

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The Power of Goofing-off


In that year something happened for me. I learned how to laugh, in a real way that made crazy divorced parents fade deep in the background. I learned how it was okay to be funny. When I reached middle school I joined the yearbook staff and as one of the editors I worked hard to slip in jokes where no one would find them except for a few of us on the ‘inside’. It was my own Mad Marginal.

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