Celebrating Peace: The Christmas Truce of 1914


It’s a little known moment in history but an incredible example of how the holiday spirit can have an impact even in the most dire of situations. War doesn’t generally stop for the holidays – but one hundred years ago it did. credit Diana Overbey – Presently in the Past It was Christmas Eve 1914,…

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What do you get the kid who has everything? [+giveaway]

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Seriously. Between tech gadgets, LEGOs, video games, and clothing, what do you get the kid who has everything? Or a better question may be… do kids really need more stuff? I’m not saying don’t give any gifts. I’m saying consider the fact that our kids might not need more stuff just for stuff’s sake. For a minute,…

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Movie night! 7 movies to keep your family thinking


Looking for a way to enjoy the calm before the holiday storm this weekend with your family? Here are seven movies to get your family thinking and talking. As a bonus, they’re all available right on Netflix, though not all in the kids section. All of these are appropriate for tweens and up.  Fire up…

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Fear and statistics – taming the ebola monster


A lot of people are concerned about ebola right now. It’s on the tip of seemingly everyone’s tongue, from lawmakers to the folks in line at the grocery store. We have people refusing quarantine, town meetings being held and one of the hottest Halloween costumes this year is a hazmat suit. I must admit, I briefly…

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It took a village… And my mother


When I work with child actors in Los Angeles, I marvel at how different my youth was in some ways.  Although I was working professionally in the business by the time I was 11, my foundation was built in a teeny, rural town in Massachusetts. The musical genes were in place — my mother taught…

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Lessons from Malala


Malala Yousafzai is a breathtaking example of what we look for as inspiration. When you read her story or hear her speak, you’re reminded of the great social change figures of the last century – Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. It feels like we’re witnessing history, a greatness that is so…

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11 Witty Halloween Costumes for Brainy Families (with pictures)


Halloween is a time when we can lose ourselves in a world that is far outside of our own experience. We can become anyone or anything. We can also have a lot of fun doing something out of the box and super memorable. Costumes can make you think! Especially when younger and younger kids are…

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Balancing act: 4 ways to stay on the ball when schedules get crazy


Fall is a crazy time for most families schedules. The ease of summer breaks through to the frenzy of sports, schoolwork and holidays on the horizon. There’s Christmas everywhere and we haven’t gotten through Halloween yet. Add to that the start of cold and flu season and it makes even the most organized of us start…

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Teaching kids to respect differences


When we think about disability, we often think about wheelchairs and sign language, about people who can’t do things for themselves and for whom life is limited. Ask your child about disability and you’ll likely get an interesting answer, because children’s perception of disability is unique. l image credit: Fox News Kanye West famously halted…

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Teachers: How do you respond to “but when are we ever gonna need to use this?”


Ugh. That ubiquitous line that all teachers find themselves facing from students is the question of when the information that’s being taught is going to be useful in the “real world.” You refrain from spinning around, smoke blowing out your ears, to answer with “when are you gonna use Minecraft? when are you gonna use…

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