How to Speak and Write Authentically—in College Admissions and All of Life


by Carol Barash, PhD, founder and CEO, Story2, and author of Write Out Loud © 2015 Story2. All rights reserved. I was cleaning up my office recently and found my Strengths Assessment report from the days when software was delivered on a CD-ROM with a code to activate it when you put it in your home…

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Four Tools for 3D Printing Your Child’s Work of Art


3D printing is no longer the stuff of science fiction – it’s a reality that’s becoming accessible to everyone. Our children are growing up in a world in which they are not limited by the bounds of technology when it comes to their imagination. In the 21st century, the possibilities are limitless. The hard part is figuring…

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Teen Volunteering – Accidental Inspiration

New York families, Lion's Heart is coming your way

It’s early July and soon camp season will soon peak. By early August you may even witness a little camp fatigue, particularly among seasoned camp-goers. Developmentally, tweens and teens are ready to guide their own growth opportunities. They are restless, inspired, and have too much time on their hands. In other words they are the…

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School’s Out – Reflections on the Lessons Learned

School's Out

Thinking back, what did you learn? As the school year finishes up, we’re tempted to just hit the door and run as fast as we can. Teachers do this, kids do it, and parents do it as well. Now that every year ends with relentless test preparation followed by hours upon hours of filling in…

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Don’t just play video games… Make them

video game 1

Video games. They’re controversial, and they’re also something that kids love. Psychologist Dr. Isabela Granic has long studied video game use in children and adolescents, and has come to the conclusion that interacting in a video game world can have real world benefits (Bowen 2014). According to Granic, both complex strategic games (Legend of Zelda)…

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4 Not-boring ways to prevent summer slide


The first few weeks of June bring the last few weeks of school and the tantalizing lazy days of childhood spent in expectation-less freedom. While teachers and students are very much ready to let go of the rigors of the school year, especially after testing, parents are already thinking about how to keep their children from…

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Pack it in this summer – opportunities for students


l Summer is a time of endless possibilities! But, it’s easy to squander this time away and before you know it, “back to school” is everywhere. Take time to play and relax this summer, but also take advantage of this uninterrupted time to do or learn something new. l We’ve found that you can easily…

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Splurge or Save? Get the Most out of Summer


How can you get the most out of your summer, and get the most value for your money? Summer camps are a classic way to entertain and enrich children during the summer, but there are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming. Add to that the question of whether a…

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Is passion misunderstood?

girl with head in hands

The point that is missed in The New York Times article entitled, “Our Push for ‘Passion,’ and Why It Harms Kids”. Lisa Heffernan made an important point in last week’s NYT article about passion: overzealous parents often take the concept way too far, and the search for a passion becomes a high pressure quest for the…

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Working Memory – Why It’s More Important than IQ


We tend to think that the key to doing well in school is being smart, but that’s not really true. Academic success is about more than just being brainy. In fact, studies show us that students who have a more developed working memory are actually better performers in school than those children who have a…

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