Balancing act: 4 ways to stay on the ball when schedules get crazy


Fall is a crazy time for most families schedules. The ease of summer breaks through to the frenzy of sports, schoolwork and holidays on the horizon. There’s Christmas everywhere and we haven’t gotten through Halloween yet. Add to that the start of cold and flu season and it makes even the most organized of us start…

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Teaching kids to respect differences


When we think about disability, we often think about wheelchairs and sign language, about people who can’t do things for themselves and for whom life is limited. Ask your child about disability and you’ll likely get an interesting answer, because children’s perception of disability is unique. l image credit: Fox News Kanye West famously halted…

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Teachers: How do you respond to “but when are we ever gonna need to use this?”


Ugh. That ubiquitous line that all teachers find themselves facing from students is the question of when the information that’s being taught is going to be useful in the “real world.” You refrain from spinning around, smoke blowing out your ears, to answer with “when are you gonna use Minecraft? when are you gonna use…

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7 ways to empower your kids


Empowering your child is something that happens every day, in little ways. Kids need to feel supported and free to make mistakes in order to gain self esteem and embrace responsibility. Here are some quick things to start doing right now to empower your child. One-on-one time – EVERY DAY. This may sound impossible, but…

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Dinner time brain exercise for kids

Brain lifting weights like a baller

Riddles: nature’s brain aerobics, minus bad neon lycra. Scrunch socks optional. Here’s a bit of fun to exercise your child’s brain (yours too!). And just like your regular workout, there’s a warm up, a high intensity exercise, and a cool down. Just enough distraction for them to finish their vegetables* (*no guarantees). The number of…

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On fostering imagination


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein Children are born with imagination. Like hopping in the Delorean and whisking away to alternate worlds at light speed,…

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Five ways to spot a great educator


First off, let’s define educator. An educator doesn’t necessarily mean a school teacher, though it can. In fact, many of the people who educate us have nothing to do with what goes on in a classroom. Parents, grandparents, older siblings, religious leaders, peers, businesspeople and coaches, just to name a few, are primary educators in…

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Goal setting with kids


Image credit: Marc Dussault Often times when we think about goal setting for kids, our mind conjures images of overbearing, intrusive parents who are attempting to push their children harder than is healthy. Driven families who are willing to do anything and sacrifice anything in the name of marking some trophy or title, some invitation or…

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The 5 best/worst things about the first week of school


School is starting everywhere. And while there are some amazing things about summer, there is also something to be said for going back to school. Here are the five BORST (get it? Best AND Worst? right? heh..hehh…ok sorry) things about the first week of school. They’re the good and the bad, at the same time. 1.  New…

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Is your child suffering from toxic stress?

Stress infographic

Not all stress is created equal. Some stress is good for us. It helps us learn, grow, adapt, and improve. Other stress is temporary, and teaches us resilience and to overcome fear. But some stress is downright harmful, and as parents, we need to be able to recognize the signs and know when to pull…

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