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Resources for Professional Development presenters

Thank you for considering Thrively for your upcoming PD!

Thrively takes all the buzzwords going around – character education, social emotional learning, Genius Hour, strengths-based education, and more – and wraps them up into one easy-to-use platform. Now when your principal or administrator says “Come up with a plan for personalized learning,” you will have a tool in your arsenal to do just that.

Feel free to use any of the resources outlined below to create a PD presentation. If you need assistance, have questions, or want custom materials, we are happy to help – email with your request.

1. Download the Strength Guide to learn about our Strength Assessment. Our assessment was created by two of California’s seven board-certified pediatric neuropsychologists. It is the first of its kind written specifically for kids and teens. The quiz measures 23 different strength factors, such as resilience, focus, compassion, and drive. Download the PDF here.

2. Start the presentation with this 2 minute video made by students at Rancho Minerva Middle School in Vista, CA. The genuinely positive reactions from these students when they read their Strength Profiles are amazing.

3. Follow up with this 3 minute demo video that highlights Thrively’s best features.

4. For a more traditional Powerpoint presentation, take a look at this Slideshare.

5. Our Teacher Toolkit dives into the nitty gritty of setting up your account, adding students, and also provides sample worksheets for reflection. Access it here (it’s also in the upper righthand menu on your Thrively account).

6. Lastly, if you need a question answered, support, or a co-presenter, please contact us!  We are located in Southern California and can usually attend in person if your school is in the area. Or, we can join you virtually! Email, we’re happy to help!

Thank you for being a champion for strengths!