4 Not-boring ways to prevent summer slide


The first few weeks of June bring the last few weeks of school and the tantalizing lazy days of childhood spent in expectation-less freedom. While teachers and students are very much ready to let go of the rigors of the school year, especially after testing, parents are already thinking about how to keep their children from losing all of that hard earned growth during the summer. Research has shown us that the summer slide is a real problem (U.S. Department of Education) but that it doesn't have to be, and that kids don't have to spend the summer hitting the books to prevent it.

One of the great things about summer is the freedom to learn through experience, rather than just through academic engagement. In that light, here are 4 beautiful ways to have your kids PLAY their way through the summer, while still engaging those big brains and preventing the summer slide.

  1. Financial Engagement - what's the biggest reason your kids will need to know math in the real world? Money. Your kids can learn to manage finances and keep honing those mathematics skills through incredible apps like Saving Spree.
  2. Get Out - Speaking of STEM, how to you get your kids to keep engaging in science without a lab? The answer is to get them outside into the BIG science lab! A bird, bug, or plant identification book from the library is a perfect way to help kids explore their own environment. Thrively's Sparks page can help you find all kinds of fun ways to get outdoors and to keep exploring science.
  3. Geometry of Fabric - You might not think about all of the math that goes into sewing, but when you pause for a moment you realize that it's all figures. Sewing involves measurement, shapes, proportions, scale, and arithmetic. Try DIY camps to find an at-home fashion "camp" that your kids can enjoy for just $10.
  4. Turn the Page - the most essential way for your child to keep the summer sun from draining all of that knowledge is to keep reading. It genuinely doesn't matter what their reading, not even in the slightest, just that they're engaging with text. Summer is the time for kids to learn that reading can fuel their interests, no matter what they are. From martial arts to video games to fashion. There are some fantastic apps out there like Knowonder that offer engaging content that kids can read for fun all summer long.
Summer is a time for freedom, but it's the perfect time to reinforce lifelong learning. Life doesn't happen in a classroom, but education does happen everywhere - even under the warm summer sun.

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