Four tools for 3D printing your child’s work of art

3D printing is no longer the stuff of science fiction - it's a reality that's becoming accessible to everyone. Our children are growing up in a world in which they are not limited by the bounds of technology when it comes to their imagination. In the 21st century, the possibilities are limitless.

The hard part is figuring out how to even access this kind of technology. It might not be long before 3D printers are as common as inkjets, but that day isn't here quite yet.

Luckily there are some wonderful programs out there that allow people on the outside to access 3D printing, and to let their imaginations go wild with this tech. Read on to learn about four marvelous programs that will allow you to get your child's artwork off the fridge and onto the coffee table :)

3D Printing tools for your children's art:

Kids Creation Station

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Kids Creation Station makes it easy for you to turn your child's work of art into a sculpture. All you have to do is upload a picture! All figurines are 4 inches long and cost $100, but they have a big discount if you add a second print. The website is super user-friendly. Just sign up, upload your photo, and checkout. What we love about it is that you can also see galleries of other families' prints, so you can get ideas and save favorites.

Crayon Creatures

Image Credit: Crayon Creatures

This site offers your child's painting to be transformed into a 3D printed sculpture for $130 for figures up to 4 inches long. The company is based in Europe and has a wonderfully whimsical philosophy and a genuine passion for their business. They create a hollow form of your child's image, which translates into a beautiful figure that's got depth and life. Finished pieces are raw and full of the wonder of a child's imagination. The sculptures are truly amazing, particularly of the more abstract art pieces.


Image Credit: Doolydoo

Doolydoo offers you the option to take your child's drawings and have them transformed into three-dimensional pieces of sculpture. For around a hundred dollars, your child's drawing can be transformed into a sculpture of around ten centimeters tall, or for twice that you can get one that's fifteen centimeters tall. The site boasts some fantastic examples of their work that will inspire you and your child. You also have the option of having your child's art printed onto a plaque. The artwork is even viable if it's from a small child, and the sculptures are beautiful.

Doolydoo has a coloring book option as well, in which you choose from a selection of coloring book pages that your child the colors just like a coloring book. These pages are then transformed into 3D sculptures for a discounted rate.


3D Printing

For the more tech-minded kid who just wants to learn about 3D printing and programming, the Tinkercad course from Autodesk does the basics - it teaches kids how to create a 3D model that is actually viable for printing on a 3D printer. With this course, your child will learn the skills that they need to create designs and forms that world with this technology. A different track from the other two options, but one that is nonetheless viable and amazing in its own right. Once your child completes the course and learns how to create a blueprint for their 3D art, you will, of course, need to gain access to a 3D printer. Many community colleges and high schools now have these machines on hand, so if you'd like to start a new family project by printing your child's masterpiece, then you have lots of options!


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