7 ways to empower your kids

Empowering your child is something that happens every day, in little ways. Kids need to feel supported and free to make mistakes in order to gain self esteem and embrace responsibility. Here are some quick things to start doing right now to empower your child.


  1. One-on-one time - EVERY DAY. This may sound impossible, but just ten or fifteen minutes each day of deliberate time is an incredible way to communicate that your child is a valued individual.
  2. Routine - Encouraging a set routine gives kids confidence to take chances because they know what’s coming day in and day out. This is the same reason that adults do well when our days are laid out. Minimizing surprises from the outside means that you can feel safe on the inside.
  3. Sleep - this may not sound like an empowerment tool, but getting enough sleep is essential for kids. Well rested kids are able to focus and retain information, not to mention the mood and emotional benefits. Don’t underestimate it!
  4. Problem Solving - Don’t jump in when your child has a problem. This one is really difficult, because we like to help our kids to make the right decisions. But empowerment means letting them make their own decisions - right or wrong. Let siblings solved their own disputes as far as you can, and don’t jump in when your child does a homework problem incorrectly.
  5. Training, Not Punishment - Time outs and taking away privileges are common ways to change behavior. But you can also use role-play and conversation after an incident to deconstruct it and help children learn how to make good decisions. Praising good behavior does more to ingrain that behavior than punishing negative behavior does.
  6. Pitch In - Helping out lets kids realize that they can do things for themselves, and for others. It’s a cliche - but doing for others really does make you feel good! Kids who help out around the house learn that they are capable and trusted members of the family.
  7. Just Say Yes - Parents often find themselves saying the word “no” a LOT. Try just saying yes for a change! Stop and think - would it really hurt anything to eat a picnic in the living room for dinner? Does stopping for ice cream really ruin your schedule? Saying yes empowers children to make decisions. That validation from parents is powerful and worth doing.

Empowering your kids will help them now and in the long run. By giving your kids the gift of self confidence and assurance, you’ll be able to give them a leg up for life.

Find activities to empower your kids by clicking here.


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