Bringing Genius Hour To Your Classroom


A shout out to our friend, Brandy Wortinger for featuring Thrively on her blog and creating this awesome video showing how Thrively enables Genius Hour! Check Out Thrively for Genius Hour

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What is Strengths-Based Education?


Research confirms that a student’s success is driven by non-academic factors such as their character, parental support and the level of hope + engagement they feel within school. Districts and schools have generally addressed this by trying to implement point programs (ex. advisory, life skills classes, interventions) in the face of increasing accountability for student…

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My Future, My Way


Over two weeks this fall, Joanna Murray led students at Rancho Minerva Middle School in San Diego on an exploration of their strengths and career interests. Her “My Future, My Way” unit opened the eyes of students to exciting future careers.  Thrively represented 2 weeks of her digital discovery elective.  She has graciously offered her…

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Career Exploration Roadmap

A Career Exploration Roadmap Hi Thrively Community! My name is Jerry Blumengarten.   You many know me for my website, Cybrary Man, where I’ve curated over 20,000 relevant links for students, teachers, administrators & parents or because on Twitter as @cybraryman1 where I regularly share my resources on many of the chats.  I taught in the…

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Resources for Professional Development presenters


Thank you for considering Thrively for your upcoming PD! Thrively takes all the buzzwords going around – character education, social emotional learning, Genius Hour, strengths-based education, and more – and wraps them up into one easy-to-use platform. Now when your principal or administrator says “Come up with a plan for personalized learning,” you will have a…

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Strengths presentation ideas


This past week, team Thrively has had the honor of working with Rancho Minerva Middle School in Vista, CA. All students at Rancho Minerva are using Thrively to discover their strengths, celebrate them, and understand how they can wield these superpowers in real life. Part of their project will be to make a presentation about…

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Gamers make good (Spoiler alert: Parent involvement is key!)


In an earlier post, Gamify Your Children’s Strengths, we talked about how the gaming community is expanding.  How much?  If you want to think of it in cold cash, gamers spent $93 billion worldwide last year, according to Gartner Research.  Video game consoles bring in roughly half of the revenues, with mobile gaming growing faster…

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Thrively feature: Activities

Thrively's featured activities on a computer screen

Once you have unleashed your child’s strengths and interests, it is important that your child has ways to exercise and develop them. Thrively is the largest resource for children’s activities, with over 100,000 activities nearby, online, and across the nation for you and your child to discover. We feature over 15,000 camps, 2,000 online classes,…

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Thrively feature: Strength Assessment


Thrively’s Strength Assessment is the only online strength assessment designed specifically for children. We have partnered with two of California’s seven board-certified pediatric neuropsychologists to develop and constantly improve the Strength Assessment, so as your kids grow, Thrively grows alongside them. The kid-friendly questions explore 23 different strength areas! Upon finishing, Thrively provides you with…

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