The Great Pizza Debate

LinkedIn group discussions are tame by most social media standards.  Your average topic is cerebral and insightful, but not terribly provocative.  So imagine my surprise when my inbox became clogged with over 1,376 responses about using pizza as a motivational tool in the classroom.  Pizza. Here’s the question that ignited a firestorm of opinions…. Pizza…

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Embracing the swaps of back-to-school

Swapping: It’s the action that inevitably comes to mind when I think of back to school.  Swapping a beach bag for a book bag, swapping lazy morning routines for early wake up calls, swapping a refreshing afternoon popsicle for mom’s attempt at a “nutritious” break-time snack (read: carrots). And while back to school inevitably means…

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It took a village… And my mother

When I work with child actors in Los Angeles, I marvel at how different my youth was in some ways.  Although I was working professionally in the business by the time I was 11, my foundation was built in a teeny, rural town in Massachusetts. The musical genes were in place — my mother taught…

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