If you aren’t as stoked as these people, you’re doing something wrong

Team Thrively just made a new friend. Stoked.org is exactly what they sound like: super excited to bridge the opportunity gap that affects underserved youth. And they do it all through a trifecta of badass action sports: surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

And that is why I love them. Skiing was a staple sport for me growing up, but I know it's a luxury to many others, and not even an option for many more than that. I am fortunate to have parents that value outdoor recreation and who made big compromises to make sure my brothers and I could have opportunities to participate in them.

Stoked picked action sports for a bunch of reasons (besides just being wicked fun). Action sports empower kids to overcome their fears, challenge themselves, set goals and push their limits to reach those goals. Unlike organized sports, there's no winning or losing. There's only pushing yourself to the max, and improving for yourself and your own sense of accomplishment.

According to Stoked, this does several things: It turns the resilience one needs to succeed in action sports into confidence, self-reliance into independence, and community into interpersonal skills. It teaches kids that there's not just "you can do it" or "you can't", but that success directly correlates to your level of dedication. filterinfographic2

There's nothing that can replace the feeling of anticipation while riding up the chairlift on a bluebird powder day in Colorado. There's no feeling that can replicate the butterflies in my stomach when I stand at the top of a double-black diamond, planning my first five turns. And there's no better satisfaction than my exhausted legs, dragging me down the final run and landing at the bar for a cold one ;)

I ski much less these days. Things get in the way - bum ankles, work schedules, the price of tickets these days! Etcetera, etcetera. But the lessons I've learned from skiing stay with me every day. At the end of the season, it gets a lot easier to hike out of the backcountry. On a cold day, take a few runs and you'll warm right up. It's the same in life - practice and persistence pay off.

It's for these reasons that I know that Stoked will more than accomplish their mission with their mentees. At least when skiing or snowboarding - I can't balance on a skateboard and I'm certainly not going to get eaten by a shark while surfing any time soon.

Take a look at what Stoked has done for Kevin in this video, and please check them out!


AdrienneThis post was written by Activity Adrienne.  She's responsible for Thrively's activity content. At one point in her life she really did want to be the next Picabo Street.  And the next Martina Hingis. And the next Kerri Strug. And the next Brandi Chastain. And the next... Ok, you get it.



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