Investment bankers: don’t you know they’re human, too?*

Editor's note: I thought of the title. Don't hate us for cheesiness. *Sung to the tune of that at-first-catchy-but-now-stuck-in-my-head-please-make-it-stop pop song.

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Perhaps the greatest, most consistent lesson I have learned throughout life is the importance of helping others and being of service to the community at large. This was engrained from the early years, where community service was weaved into our curriculum throughout elementary and high school.

I have tried to apply these principles in everyday life, including my professional endeavors as an investment banker and advisor to emerging growth companies. While the investment banking trade gets routinely blasted as a purveyor of greed and inequity – and at times, rightly so – there’s an element of outstanding service that goes largely unrecognized by the public at large.

For me, the most fulfilling aspect of my work is truly helping entrepreneurs achieve critical events in their corporate life cycle that couldn’t be achieved one their own. In most cases, the results go well beyond the company itself, and have a meaningful downstream effect on the customers the company services, the entrepreneur’s family, and the economic paradigm of the industries in which they operate. At the root of all this, and what keeps me energized and passionate about my work, is my ability to help others and the relationships I develop as a result of this service, several of which are now decades old.

Like any endeavor, we reap the rewards of what we invest. If we show up with an attitude of entitlement - that we are here to receive rather than to give - then we keep very little. Alternatively, if we dedicate ourselves to service at every level, we gain rich and meaningful experiences that we carry with us forever. This has certainly been my experience and I would think this to be true of any profession.


CaryHurwitz Cary Hurwitz is the Managing Director of Investment Banking at MDB Capital Group. Prior to this position he spent tenures at several investment companies, where he oversaw the placement of millions of dollars in investments. Mr. Hurwitz holds a J.D.- M.B.A. from the Pepperdine School of Law and Graziadio School of Management and is a member of the State Bar of California. l Discover Your Child's Strengths

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