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Once you have unleashed your child’s strengths and interests, it is important that your child has ways to exercise and develop them. Thrively is the largest resource for children's activities, with over 100,000 activities nearby, online, and across the nation for you and your child to discover. We feature over 15,000 camps, 2,000 online classes, 15,000 educational iOS apps, and 2,000 "worth traveling for" opportunities (like Space Camp).

I know, it’s a lot to take in, but that gives your child a boundless resource to find activities that explore his or her interests. Find the item in our drop-down list (seen below) or search specifically for activities with our advanced search. Together, you and your child can explore through 200 areas of interest - from sports for your Super-Charged Athlete to creative writing for your Poet Laureate - to find the activities that best match your child’s strengths and interests. You can even search through activities gathered specifically for children with special needs.

Thrively does a lot of the heavy lifting with recommendations. Our algorithm matches activities with both your child's strengths and interests, increasing the likelihood that you'll find a great match in your stream of recommended activities. As you favorite, dismiss, and add activities to your Boards, Thrively learns more about your child’s interests and improves your recommendations. When you discover activities that interest your child, you can save them to an Activity Board and organize the board by theme or interest to keep track of your child’s activities with one simple tool.

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It's important to note that there is no pay-to-play - the activity providers on our site have been chosen by our editorial team, so you know that the recommendations you're getting truly are meant for your child.

Whew, that was a lot of info at once, so let’s review with key points:

  • Use the Search tool to find exactly what you're looking for
  • Scroll through the Recommended Activity stream to discover something new and off the beaten path
  • Keep track of everything you find by favoriting the activity and/or it to an Activity Board

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