Thrively feature: Strength Assessment

Thrively’s Strength Assessment is the only online strength assessment designed specifically for children. We have partnered with two of California’s seven board-certified pediatric neuropsychologists to develop and constantly improve the Strength Assessment, so as your kids grow, Thrively grows alongside them. The kid-friendly questions explore 23 different strength areas! Upon finishing, Thrively provides you with you an in-depth Strength Profile that dives into to your child’s key strengths.

Here’s how you can use this tool to uncover your child’s strengths:

1. Sign in to your Thrively account, and head to your parent dashboard. Here you will see your profile and the profiles of all of your children:


2. To find your child’s strengths, click the button that reads “Begin the strength exploration for your child,” and make sure that your child is comfortable and ready to begin the Strength Assessment:


3. Let your child complete the assessment at his/her own pace. Let them pick their answers - it's tempting to say "oh, really? That doesn't sound like you" - but this is where you may discover something awesome about your kids!

4. When your child completes the Strength Assessment, you will receive your child’s Strength Profile:

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Once your children have discovered their strengths, Thrively will suggest activities that allow your children to explore their interests and develop their strengths.

Discover Your Child's Strengths


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