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Personalized Learning in the Classroom

The Need for Thrively

“As the Director of Digital Learning, I needed a way to better understand my students as a whole, including their strengths, interests, and motivations. We run an extensive internship program with dozens of community partners and we’re always looking to better match students with partner organizations. More importantly, our students – coming from the South Bronx – often don’t know what they are good at, and what opportunities are out there for them.  So we’re always looking for systems to help our students really understand their true potential.”


Giving Students a Voice With Thrively

“Thrively shows my students that their strengths and interests can be applied in rewarding and attainable career paths. My students take the Thrively Strength Assessment, set their goals, identify their interests, and explore career pathways that complement these strengths and interests. The result is each student has a personalized profile that I’m able to monitor.”

“I can see each student’s strengths, interests, career pathways, journal entries, and so much more. Relating to my students is made simpler by studying their digital portfolios and striking up conversations about things that may interest them – all the way from graphic design to orthopedic surgery…