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Project Based Learning

What can you expect from this Article? What is Project based learning? Characteristics of Project Based Learning. Benefits of Project based learning. How Project based learning is different from doing a Project? Learn about what Project Based learning is all about. The key characteristics of incorporating Project Based Learning. Additionally, learn about the differences between a project & Project based Learning. Comparison between Problem Solving Learning and Project based learning. About Thrively: Thrively helps your child find their passion in life. Discover your child’s strengths

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Human Potential is Limitless

Human Potential is Limitless. We know this to be true. We know it because we feel a surge of adrenaline that covers our bodies in goosebumps when watching humans attempt the seemingly impossible. We root for the underdog because we know what it feels like to be a David up against a Goliath, and, when we prevail, we get a nice ride along the dopamine superhighway–and it feels good. What if you never felt those goosebumps or that dopamine surge? What if it were easier

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Creative Nourishment – Feed the Hungry

Our scholars are starving. They are literally being starved daily. And their starvation is a direct cause of the very schools that they attend. Now, if I were talking about food, I guarantee that there would be a march/protest/crowd with torches headed to every school, everywhere. But for some reason this starvation goes without much protest, inside and outside of schools. Our scholars are starving from MalCreativeNurishing! Plain and simple: our scholars have had creativity and creative thinking taught right out of them. The very

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Incorporate SEL and interests to develop the whole child

The National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) explains SEL as “a wide range of skills, attitudes, and behaviors that can affect a student’s success in school and life.” NCSL goes on to say, “critical thinking, managing emotions, working through conflicts, decision making, and teamwork—all of these are the kind of skills that are not necessarily measured by tests but which round out a student’s education and impact his/her academic success, employ-ability, self-esteem, relationships, as well as civic and community engagement.” In short, SEL is the

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Students Advocate for Authentic Learning

As he planned instruction for his high school English classes, Scott Reindl asked himself, “How is this going to help my students prepare for life beyond my classroom? Will they be able to think critically and collaborate effectively? Will my students be able to differentiate themselves in cover letters, resumes, and interviews? Ultimately, that is what we’re doing; we’re giving students the internal resources to navigate the world on their terms,” explained Reindl. Now, as the Program Administrator for Career Education, Reindl brings the pursuit

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Community-Based Organization Responds to Covid Crisis

If you try to park in the lot at the offices of Strengths-Based Community Change (SBCC), don’t expect to find a parking space. SBCC staff and volunteers have commandeered the space to make room for an outdoor classroom. This resourceful team has scrimped, saved, and trimmed to purchase tents, tables, desks, and extension cords to ensure that every child in the community has an opportunity to learn. In its 45th year of operation, one thing about SBCC remains fixed: an unrelenting drive to adapt to

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