ACERO Charter Schools and Santiago Elementary

Thrively is thrilled to partner with ACERO Charter Schools in Chicago. Big thanks to Principal Sweazy and Assistant Principal Cauhorn at Esmeralda Santiago Elementary School for instilling a culture of strengths and a focus on student well-being.

At a recent professional development workshop, Santiago faculty members learned strategies to make deeper connections with their students which included analyzing students’ strengths on the Thrively platform, giving thoughtful feedback to student journals, and checking in on student well-being through the use of Thrively’s Well-Being Index (WBI).

Created in partnership with Turnaround for Children, the Well-Being Index is a tool that schools can use for daily well-being checks on all of their students. Data is captured and available in real time, and trends over weeks and months can be analyzed. In less than 60 seconds, students can let their teachers know how they are feeling and functioning that day. For Santiago School, the WBI is an invaluable tool for teachers and counselors to really connect with their students and attend to their needs in a timely way.

Thrively is dedicated to whole child development, which starts with making sure students are known, heard, and feel cared for. At Thrively, we believe that every child has a genius and deserves to thrive.