Finding Hidden Strengths & Passion!

To use the word “hidden” may not be quite accurate because often, strengths are hidden by lack of opportunity to display them. Too often, when students are in school, they are not looked at in terms of their strengths; rather, there is a focus on remediating their deficits. This is rarely a source of inspiration for anyone. What ends up happening is that kids’ strengths and passions are either hidden from their educators or worse, they become hidden from themselves because they do not get encouraged.

So what can educators do? First, have all your students tell you about their hobbies or other things they really like to do or are very good at. You can do that in a homeroom or advisory, or you can work it into a language arts or other assignment. Typically, their classmates also are unaware of their assets.

Thrively helps educators to better know their student’s Strengths. For the kids who have no idea about their strengths and also to discover hidden strengths of all the other kids, have them take the Thrively Strength Assessment. There is benefit to having everyone go around and share their undiscovered strengths with classmates.

Second, ask students to talk about times when they found out something surprising and good about someone else. Ideally, this would make a wonderful topic for an essay or short story or even an art-related assignment. From these examples, help students reflect on things about themselves that classmates or teachers might find surprising and impressive.

Third, have students talk to their parents or guardians about their “hidden talents”. Help them develop a short story to find out about hobbies or aspirations that they may have pursued at one time and then had to give up.

More About Thrively

Thrively helps educators to better know their students, attend to their well-being, instill hope, and teach essential life skills. At Thrively, we believe that Every child has a genius and deserves to thrive.