Teachers. It is where it begins with Thrively. China Paden from Nantucket High School has been a Thrively enthusiast for years. Each year, finding funds to support her students in their Thrively endeavors. As the Liaison for Special Services, she knew that ALL of the students at her high school would benefit from Thrively. Ms. Paden applied for a grant, and received funding and now all of her students at Nantucket High School have the ability to identify their strengths, explore their strengths at a deeper level, and transfer those strengths into all areas of their lives.

Within four weeks of implementation, she was able to show that all of the learners that she served were known, and that they had agency to explore their strengths at a deeper level. Research shows that learners are 30x more engaged when educators know their strengths. At Thrively, our goal is to continually support our teachers who are in the classroom. We know that teachers mold our future, and we are honored to support them in developing an asset based environment where each and every student can thrive.