Attending to student well-being, teaching essential life skills, exploring college & career pathways–these aren’t just “more things” to heap on the plates of school leaders and teachers, these are critical topics that need to be addressed in a thoughtful way by educators. Seminole County Schools in Donalsonville, Georgia is a model example for other districts to follow in this arena. The district uses their Tribe Time (advisory periods) in a very thoughtful way, and they’re using Thrively as an integral part of their plan. 

First, they use the Thrively strength assessment to help students better know themselves and their strengths. It’s a culture shift to get students and faculty to start thinking about students in terms of their strengths 

Thrively isn’t the only tool the district uses, but Thrively helps support the other interventions and programs they have in place as well. For instance, as the district is navigating their ILP goals, they use Thrively lessons to delve into such areas as self management, responsible decision making, and setting & achieving goals. 

In conjunction with other college and career exploration efforts, students use the Thrively Interest Profiler, and they can explore hundreds of potential career pathways on the site. When students then have the opportunity to attend a career fair or seek out internships, they have a better understanding of what they want to do and what they want to get out of those experiences. 

Thrively is proud to partner with such a forward-thinking district that is working hard to meet the most important needs of their students. Special thanks to Assistant Superintendent Felicia Purdy for her leadership.