When students are given the time to discuss and reflect about their strengths, they gain real insight. A sentence from one student’s recent journal entry discussing Growth Mindset really jumped out for me. The student wrote, 

“My flaws aren’t what define me; my personality and my unique traits are what define me.” 

Imagine if all of our students could start to think of themselves in terms of what is strong with them rather than what is wrong with them.

The 9th and 10th graders at St. Vincent’s Academy, an all-girls school in Savannah, Georgia are doing that and much more. Since taking the Thrively Strengths Assessment, students have been participating in weekly class sessions to discuss such topics as self identity, growth mindset, perseverance, and gratitude. 

Thrively is thankful for the leadership team and talented counselors who are leading the efforts at St. Vincent’s.