Sense of Hope – Improving working conditions & Fostering teachers to prevent “Burnout”

Schools across the country are facing rising levels of employee burnout. Teachers and staff members are experiencing more stress as worker shortages, pandemic issues, and secondary trauma add to overburdened workloads.

The best cure for burnout is preventing it in the first place, by improving working conditions and fostering teachers’ sense of hope for the future.

A 2021 research study found that burnout stems from three key components brought on by anxiety and stress: exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy. Using the research from this study, schools can help prevent burnout by utilizing guidelines found in hope psychology to alleviate anxiety and support staff well-being and resiliency.

Cathleen Beachboard the renowned author of “School of Hope” supports staff well being and prevents Teacher Burnout using these small practices. Read More >>

Hope has the power to transform Trauma & Anxiety. After adopting five children who experienced trauma and neglect, Cathleen Beachboard dove into Charles R. Snyder’s pioneering research into Hope Theory. What she discovered turned into a lifelong pursuit to bring hope to every child. Cathleen Beachboard in collaboration with “Thrively” is transforming the lives by bringing “Hope” into the classroom