Parents Have Strengths Too!

Marshall Elementary School in the Chula Vista School District saw Principal Dr. Loyce, an amazing educator along with Michael Bruder, Director of Innovation and Instruction engage parents of Gifted and Talented students with Thrively strengths. Prior to bringing both parents and students together, each scholar took the strength assessment. As parents walked into the large multipurpose room, they were greeted with a friendly smile along with a host of resources to support the cognitive development and emotional wellness of each student.

During the presentation, Dr. Loyce shared her learning journey and commitment to each and every family to ensure the school amplifies student strengths, interests and aspirations. As she was closing the night, Principal Loyce shared that there was one more activity. Each parent created a free Thrively account and took the strength assessment. Families shared their strengths with each other through a collaborative conversation. We all know our students have strengths. The adults do too and Thrively makes it easy to share!