Thrively recently partnered with Mendon Upton Regional School District and their incredible educators to share how Thrively data can connect the dots to support their Universal Design for Learning, as well as their Multi-Tiered System of Supports. Through the lens of “understand, support, and engage”, we embarked on a journey to uncover how to ensure that ALL learners become expert learners through an assets based approach and how outcomes for ALL students can be improved by understanding the “whole child” and focusing on what is STRONG with learners.  

Digging deep into the Learner Profile for their students, MURSD educators could delve into the individual strengths, interests and aspirations of their students to further  understand, support and engage their students.  Analyzing the Hope Index, an Index built in partnership with Cathleen Beachboard, author of The School of Hope, this quarterly assessment measures agency, the determination to reach your goals, and pathways, the ability to create ways to meet your goals and overcome barriers, to give an overall Hope score. It can be used with both students and adults. 

Our partnership with MURSD sheds light on how districts leading with strengths can further support the individual learner, and connect the dots for systemic structures such as MTSS and UDL.   Thrively believes that EVERY child is a genius and deserves to THRIVE, and we are proud to partner with MURSD in their efforts to transform education.