With the 2022-2023 School Year in its kick-off months, Thrively Teachers and Students have been engaging deeply in the work of Strengths! As a Learner-Centered platform, committed to advocating for all learners to be known, seen, and valued by their strengths, Thrively has partnered with Spring Valley Academy Middle School of La Mesa Spring Valley Schools in San Diego, to celebrate the strengths of their students. With strategic leadership from principal Lauren Basteyns, all staff and students have taken the Thrively Strengths Assessment to learn more about themselves as individuals and to build a collective, assets-based culture at their school site. 

With the Thrively Strengths Assessment complete and positive strength profiles reading, “You are a truly creative and innovative mind,” and “You are a self-starter with big goals for yourself,” Spring Valley Academy Middle School is beginning to engage in phase 2 of their implementation plan with Thrively. Once a week, all Elective classes are committing time and brain power to learning, reflecting, and sharing about their strengths. Phase 2 is a deeper dive into discovering your strengths and learning why your strengths matter through a specialized facilitation guide that highlights a combination of Thrively lessons and offline culture building activities, like a User Guide and Personalized Strengths Posters. The amazing elective teachers at SVA, including Bernadete Filippone @msbfili, have been implementing this meaningful work and going above and beyond to bring the learning and student strengths to life. Check out these Student Strengths posters! What would your strength poster look like?