Chicago Public Schools & Revere Elementary

Thrively is expanding its footprint in Chicago Public Schools. Big thanks to Principal Thompson for her leadership and for bringing strengths-based education to Paul Revere Elementary School. 

Thrively recently led a professional development workshop with Revere faculty. Teachers not only had the opportunity to take the Thrively Strengths Assessment for themselves, they also took the time to reflect on those strengths and recognize what was strong with their fellow teachers through discussions and small-group activities. What a great way to kick off the school year!

Thrively is an approved Ed Tech provider for CPS and has been awarded RFPs for Out of School Time Health & Wellness programs as well as Social & Emotional Learning Services. Thrively helps educators to better know their students, attend to their well-being, instill hope, and teach essential life skills. At Thrively, we believe that every child has a genius and deserves to thrive.