I can confidently share one thing I know to be true about Integrity Charter School in National City, San Diego: Their amazingly driven, compassionate, and fun-loving teachers are a major strength of theirs! 

Together with the K-8th grade Teachers and Leaders, we launched a Thrively site-wide Identity Project the best way we know how, with Teachers doing the project themselves. 

At Thrively, we define identity as all the puzzle pieces that make us unique and dynamic. We designed this project with Integrity to take learners through four phases to deepen their understanding of themselves and their learning community. Throughout the entirety of this project, learners are working to answer the essential question, Who am I? Each phase of the project is a collection of Thrively online lessons, supplemental whole group offline lessons, and fun games that support community building and strengths finding. 

Working through the project today gave Integrity Charter School teachers a first hand experience into the why and how behind the project, connect and build community with their team, and opportunities to reflect as a team on how to best scaffold lessons to meet the needs and interests of their learners.

We are thrilled to work with Integrity Charter School Teachers and Learners and watch this project unfold and take shape in the coming weeks. We are confident that this partnership will be a model for many other schools looking to implement high-quality learning experiences for students as they build out a year with Thrively. Contact the Thrively Team if you would like additional information about getting started with the Thrively Identity Project.